Costa Rica, epicenter of life

Costa Rica is a beautiful country where you can enjoy amazing nature, beaches, music as well as the beautiful people of Costa Rica, that open their hearts and homes to you with their famous phrase: Pura Vida! And if you like adventure, Costa rica is a country of volcanoes, earthquakes, extreme natural environments, dense biodiversity and much more!

Highlights of the video include:

– Drake Bay, Corcovado National Park, Sirena Station
– Drake Bay Night Tour with Tracie “The Bug Lady” and Gianfranco Gómez
– Burrowing Tarantula spider
– Gaudy Leaf Frog
– Peppered Cockroach
– Tailless Whip Scorpion
– Trapdoor spider
– Rove Beetle
– Golden Orb Spider
– American Crocodile
– Green Iguana
– Pagoda Flower
– Heliconia Psittacorum
– Collared Peccaries
– Leaf Cutter Ants
– Golfo Dulce Anole
– Olive Ridley Sea Turtle
– Hermit Crabs
– Praying Mantis
– La fortuna
– Arenal Volcano
– Iguana Tree
– caño negro river
– Spider Monkeys
– Capuchin Monkeys
– Cahuita National Park
– Puerto Viejo
– Punta Uva
– Cocles
– Playa Chiquita
– Brown Throated Three-toed Sloth
– Eyelash Palm Pit Viper
– Northern Raccoon
– Pura Vida
– Alajuela