Blending Tech & Media to solve your challenges

Our mix is simple: Innovation, technology and media. First, we mix and match whatever you need in order to deliver the fastest and most efficient solution for your needs. Then, we help you maintain leadership in your field. If you need a creative solution for your challenge, we offer solutions for every kind of challenge. Some examples of our services:

  • Creative consulting services through our Torch ecosystem. Torch is a unique innovation methodology that combines the best of the leading innovation systems. On top, it adds a revolutionary ideation platform: T4I , the best brainstorming app and platform.
  • Need some art? We offer the best creative portrait photography, Travel Photography and fine art digital media.
  • If you need a video, we are a unique explainer video production company.
  • Furthermore, if you need to empower your team, we deliver great creativity training. 
  • In addition, if you are looking for an incredible event, the creative masters workshop is a unique in the world experience. 
  • Another of our technology solutions is Posterini, an online platform and poster maker that accelerates the creation of visual marketing assets.
  • Need to entertain or surprise a crowd or your friends? Check our interactive and gamified clothing line at Pictoshirt.
  • Do you need to setup an inspiring talk? Ideami is ready to deliver unique talks and presentations.

And that’s only the beginning. Contact us anytime on, your satisfaction is our first objective.