Moving Audiences

Ideami’s extensive experience and skills in a wide range of technical, entrepreneurial and creative areas make him the ideal speaker for a wide range of events connected to the creative, tech, business and entrepreneurial fields. As a multidisciplinary expert, ideami is able to improvise on the spot and is highly experienced in engaging audiences of all ages activating their enthusiasm and raising the energy of the event to the highest levels. Some of the topics that he can speak about are:

  • Advanced visualization of A.I learning processes
  • A.I and the future of jobs and society
  • Torch: A new methodology to accelerate innovation
  • Jobs: Journey to 2022, the new markets around the corner
  • Education: How to raise adults that are happier and more balanced
  • Health: Towards a better balance between analytical and creative muscles
  • Multidisciplinary: How to be good at many things without sacrificing quality
  • Life: The meaning of life from the perspective of our mental strategies
  • Habits: How to replace harmful habits with healthier ones
  • Silicon Valley: Light and shadows of the epicenter of entrepreneurship /¬†Building the next Silicon Valley
  • Investment: What’s the best investment you can do and why

Watch an example of a speech by Ideami

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