Creative Consulting

Complexity and competition keep growing. This impacts our jobs, professional challenges and interpersonal interactions. Ideami helps you find new perspectives that take your project to the next level through the combination of his creative and technical expertise as well as the use of unique strategies and tools. Being one of the few professionals that has accumulated a wealth of experience in so many different fields, makes Ideami a unique match for your creative needs.


Let’s summarize some of the benefits that Ideami brings to your organization:


  • Ideami helps employees, manager and organizations balance their thinking strategies and skills in order to be more competitive, productive, effective and relevant in the current markets and professional environments.
  • We help you clarify challenges and  recognize unique opportunities that can position you ahead of your competitors.
  • Ideami helps you in the development of new services and products by finding unique solutions that trigger innovation.
  • We provide a combination of project consulting and training through our Torch Methodology Events.
  • Our Torch Events help empower the creativity and innovation skills of the participating employees and individuals. IBM’s global study on 1500 CEO’s in 66 countries and 30 industries, in its 2010 and 2012 editions, concludes that Creativity is the most crucial factor for future success. The 2012 edition also emphasizes that the four traits that stand out as critical for employees’ future success are: Collaborative, Communicative, Creative and Flexible. New studies from consulting firms like PWC (See: Journey to 2022) emphasize this trend. We help you empower and reinforce your creative thinking, communication, observation, collaboration, lateral thinking, improvisation, spontaneity and other essential skills for your business, including those identified as the most critical for a company’s success by the latest studies.
  • In the marketing area, we help you choose great names for your products/services as well as slogans and phrases that can attract your audiences in powerful ways.