El Cuadro

Concept: The film reflects about how obsessions can trap our souls and how people fight to escape them.
Synopsis: A girl contemplates a framed photograph of a volcanic landscape. The artwork gradually captures her until she appears inside of it. Once there the animal atmosphere inside the landscape will start to absorb the girl’s personality. She will try to escape from the landscape but the landscape becomes a prison. The rest of the film shows that delicate exchange between being and not being in the thing she is obsessed with, living more inside that outside, the photograph becoming the only thing that is mostly present in her mind but also the small cracks on the landscape that somewhere remain open showing the path back to balance and peace of mind.

Trivia: Ideami directed this film in the volcanic island of Lanzarote near Africa.

Winner Best Music and nominated Best Photography
Ateneo en corto Film Festival, Canary Islands, Spain

Official Selections at:
Dia de Asturias, International Gijón Film Festival, Spain
Aguilar Film Festival, Spain,
IFCT International Film Festival, Los Angeles 2007, USA,
Aarhus International Film Festival, Dennmark
Subimagen film festival, Zamora, Spain,
Ateneo en corto Film Festival, Canary Islands, Spain
Mostra minima film festival, Spain
Fascurt Festival, Barcelona, Spain,
Festival du cinema Espagnol de Toulouse, France,
Festival Audiovisual de Manresa, Spain,
Dunas Fuerteventura Film Festival and Others
Present at various Art Exhibitions and Projections
including the Rome Gallery Exhibition

el cuado, a metaphor about human obsession


Javier Ideami
Executive Production
Ideami Studios

Original Script
Javier Ideami


Barbara Kalas

Music Composed by
Oscar Colomina

Javier Ideami

Music Recording
Johan Feito
Fran Subirana
Brian Hernandez

Music Performance
Young International orchestra
city of Oviedo, Spain,
conducted by Pablo González


Javier Ideami

Post of Sound and Mixes
Ideami Studios

Music Mastering
Chema García

Color Correction
Ideami Studios

Visual Effects
Ideami Studios