Javier created the concept of Ewidi around 2003 but didnt start to develop it until 2006 together with his friends Marko Palagruza and Frank Gassan. The concept of Ewidi has similarities with the current Twitter. It worked in 30 different languages and it was active for a year and a half during which it received a lot of praise and was the cover of the top spanish technology magazine.

Ewidi was a multilingual and multicultural social network that brought together features of a typical search engine and an ad service, enabling users to connect and interact with each other using simple text messages. Ewidi consisted of searching and publishing. Let’s say that you needed to buy a used car in San Francisco, you either searched for it, or browsed tags/categories/locations for text messages corresponding with the subject. On the other hand, if you were an unemployed coder in need of work in London, you would post a message saying just that.

It was an internationally-oriented (the whole service was translated to 27 languages) service where you could filter the messages that you were interested in.
Ewidi also allowed for creation of sub-domains, which corresponded with tags/certain interest groups such as film.ewidi.com

After you registered, you were able to publish your own messages and to interact with other users. The registration didn’t even require an email, so it was really simple to try.