In 2001 Javier Ideami designed the concept of the Apiroteka (which later he named Flaii), an immersive environment where different types of information sources were integrated in a very intuitive and easy to use way. In 2006 and for the next two years Javier designed, developed and coded a long series of experiments and prototypes around that idea. Javier’s prototypes, which were fully functional, received a lot of attention and praise and investors in 3 different countries offered funds to continue developing Flaii. In 2008 Javier cofounded Flaii, the startup, in Silicon Valley, California.

In these times of information overload, people need a way to access the things they love and work with from a single platform. Flaii provided a single interface with everything ready to use, without having to open and close multiple applications, web pages, documents etc.
In 2010 Flaii changed focus to become a social gaming platform and at that point Javier Ideami moved on to other projects and ventures.