The Weight of Light

Concept: “Stress is a cat that never blinks, always on guard”. The Weight of Light is a tale about the importance of following our hearts and using the best tool we have, our mind, to transform negative energies into better ones. No matter how well things go there will always be flickers (parpadeos) in our lives and learning from those flickers is the key to happyness; Stress, the cat that never blinks is always around us, but we have a very special tool with us to try to transform it.

Synopsis: In a world where the economy crisis reaches breaking point, a modest inventor revolutionizes the system and manages to put the greedy corporations in trouble with a simple machine that transforms people’s stress in miraculous ways.

Production Year: 2013

Best Actress Award at the FICEE International Film Festival in Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain

Official Selections
XXIII International Film Festival of Palencia, Spain
Abycine Oviedo Film Festival, Spain
HD Film Festival, Valladolid, Spain
FICEE International Film Festival, Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain
International Film Festival below the Moon, Islantilla, Spain
Dia de Asturias at the Gijon International Film Festival, Spain
Culture Unplugged We Speak Film Festival

Movie poster about transforming negative energies into positive ones

Poster of the weight of light movie by ideami



Javier Ideami

Executive Production
Javier Ideami & Sonia Ghani

Production Team
Sonia Ghani
Apeksha Agarwal
Wendy Krueger
Alex Vargas
Matthew Novak

Director’s assistant
Fernando Santacruz

Location Managers
Irma Garcia
Phill Gee

Production Photography
Emil Marte


Anna Bess Moyer Bell
Javier Ideami
Thomas Cokenias
Ross Turner
Karl J.Arana
Karina McLouglin
Rebecca Ines
Melby Mathew

Music Composed by
Jesus Calderon

Christopher McGilvray
Scott Krinsky

Camera assistants
Gabe Redder
Raffaele Vesco
Alona Bohol
Joe Mullen

Numael Hernandez
Jason Sakach

Machine & Batteries
Luis Echeverri

Melissa Capistrano
M. Christina Costa
Kamran Sanei

Luigi Passalacqua

Additional Camera units
Fernando Santacruz
Raffaele Vesco
Nelson Bohol
Javier Ideami

Reid Martin Basso,Jose Arana
Deborah Bass, Ron Bass
AJ Anable, Cheryl Beerer
Ron Beerer, Teagan Neil Daniel Basso
Jason Roark, Jason Wong
Wenlin Li, Patrick Wang and friends
Roberto Giberti, Greg Hornby
Patricia de Llano Colado, Tomás Pueyo
Raquel de Llano Colado, Andrés García Martínez
Adrianna Fletes, Sonia Ghani
Isabel Guisande
Diego Buho (Diego García González)


Javier Ideami

Sound FX
Antonio de Benito

Visual Effects
Javier Ideami

Color Correction
Ideami Studios

Machine 3D Animation & Illustration
Keving Ang

Additional Music
Fragments from Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune by Claude Debussy
Symphony 6 (“Pathetique”) by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovski
Music performed by the Orquestra simfònica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya (OBC) conducted by Pablo González,
Recording by Catalunya Música

Mon coeur s’ouvre à ta voix by Camille Saint-Saëns
Soprano voice by Lys Agnès, Orchestration by Jesus Calderón

French Diction Coach
Covadonga González-Bernardo