Hacking Alcatraz

Hacking Alcatraz is a documentary film about a group of young entrepreneurs that travel to one of the most negative symbols in history, the Alcatraz Prision, with the mission of bringing yellow balloons, that represent the positive human energy and spirit, to some of the locations in the prision, including the cells, the courtyard and one of its towers.

Concept: Bringing the positive energy of creativity to one of the most negative places in history.
Xavier Verdaguer and the Imagine Creativity Center designed a beautiful concept about hacking the famous Alcatraz Prison with Yellow Balloons. It is a metaphor about how even in the darkest places of human souls and history, it is still possible to grow and begin new dreams, to bring new color and hope, to begin change towards a better present and future;

The Imagine Creativity Center dreamers led by Xavier and the rest of the team had only 2 hours to try to complete 3 missions, hacking a cell, the courtyard and one of the towers. They had to face the pressure of time and the constraints around them. 2 Hours after arriving to Alcatraz the team managed to leave the island, and this is the result of their mission to bring dreams, hope, color and light to one of the most negative symbols of humankind, Alcatraz Prison.

The Entrepreneurs attempted to hack three symbolic locations in Alcatraz Prison:

1) The Cell
It represents a soul that is tormented and closed on itself; even in the darkest hours of humankind, a yellow balloon, an energy of hope can grow and make a difference.

2) The Courtyard
It represents the vast space of loneliness, isolation and emptiness that can take over human souls; even in such a despair, the color and vibrations of positive energy can trigger a change towards a better present and future.

3) The Tower
It represents the darkness of power and control; even when human ego and selfishness grows out of control, even then a change towards a different direction can be started with the tiny small seeds of positive energy.

The ending poem by Ideami
Fly away yellow Balloon
and together
let’s paint the color of dreams
on the darkness around us..

For negativity is powerless
in the eyes of a child;

Let’s raise our yellow ballooons
and change the world
one balloon at a time
one dream at a time

Just Imagine


Hacking Alcatraz Concept by Xavier Verdaguer and Imagine Creativity Center
Video Production by Ideami Studios


Javier Ideami

Executive Production
Ideami Studios & Imagine Creativity Center

Original Script
Javier Ideami & Xavier Verdaguer


Marta Argelag├│s
Yordanka Dimitrova
Rafael Sánchez
Vicente Vazquez
David Cabrera
Sergio Mayenco
Juan Blas Barbed
Xavier Verdaguer
Eliane Guiu

Javier Ideami
Xavier Verdaguer


Javier Ideami

Post of Sound and Mixes
Ideami Studios

Color Correction
Ideami Studios