The Long Goodbye

Concept: The film reflects on the processes we go through mentally when we need to say goodbye to a loved one.

Synopsis: By imagining her presence as he walks from the police station to the hospital, a young man tries to have a last conversation with his dying wife after they both have a car accident.

Trivia: Javier Ideami directed an international team in the heart of the island of Bali in Indonesia. Dialogues are in indonesian with subtitles available in english and spanish. The film has two different musical pieces.

Winner Best Song
International Music Festival, Jerry Goldsmith Awards, Spain

Other Official Selections / Nominations at:
International Dubai Gulf Film Festival, United Arab Emirates 2011
International Short Film Festival Radio City, Valencia, Spain
Festival Internacional de Cine de Pasto, Colombia
Festival Internacional de cine bajo la luna, Islantilla Cineforum, Spain
Filmets Badalona Film Festival, Spain
Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes La Boca del Lobo, Madrid
Fieri International Film Festival, Albania

Poster for the metaphorical film about separation by ideami


Javier Ideami

Executive Production
Javier Ideami

Associate Production
Sonia Ghani

Production Team
Marcella Eugenie
Monica Peter

Assistance and
Support of Direction
Marcella Eugenie
Andrew Parkin

Rehearsal Facilities
Bali SoDA: Bali School of Dramatic Art
Maria Gilbert & Sigit Suryawan


Summer Antha
Frieza Porizka

Music Composed by
Jesus Calderon

Neslo Kram

Neslo Kram
Alim Boeana

2nd Unit Camera
Panos Bournias

Wil Hemmerle

Yeanne /
Kartini & Ricky

Original Song / Satu Detik
Melody & Lyrics by Javier Ideami
Orchestration by Jesus Calderon


Maria Doukeli

Sound FX
Antonio de Benito

Editing Facilities
Namaste Audivisual
Panos Bournias & Maria Doukeli

Color Correction
Ideami Studios