Lost in the sand

Lost in the sand explores Team Dynamics through the challenge of creating a giant portrait on the sand of a beach, being under the pressure of the coming tides and having only incomplete and vague instructions to follow.

Concept: The film is a metaphor of Life itself. Life is like a blank Canvas where we have to fulfill our mission, our beautiful drawing, having only vague instructions to do so, and having to work against the pressure of the coming tides of life that will eventually wash us away.
During this process, we have to find ways to cooperate and work with others, as well as become leaders when the situation requires it.
Often, we will also have to learn to shift our perspective in order to unblock situations that cannot be successfully tackled from the current view (perspective).
In the film, a group of spanish entrepreneurs from the imagine creativity center arrive to a beach in San Francisco to tackle the task of creating a giant portrait based on a sketch from Leonardo Da Vinci. During the process they will experience a wide range of emotions, from confusion, frustration and doubt, to excitement, amazement and finally serenity and understanding as they come to realize the importance of what has taken place, and the importance of focusing on the process rather than the goal, shifting our perspectives and making an effort to understand each other.

The Ideami Poem
like dancers from far away
the tides of life come and go……

Moving slowly.. they stretch their long arms…
looking for new steps… new strokes to erase with their mighty waves

to take them away, wipe them out….

leaving behind a new blank canvas,
an empty canvas of life to be filled with new stories
new adventures, new hopes,
new dreams ..

It’s an art of life that we need to complete,
with only vague instructions,
before the next tide arrives and takes us… away…
away… away…..

(what happens when we shift our perspective..
when natural leaders emerge..
and hard work becomes the goal..)


Javier Ideami

Executive Production
Ideami Studios & Imagine Creativity Center

Original Script
Javier Ideami


Jordi Valls
Jorge Rodríguez
Jacob Suñol
Elena Diez
Cesar Mariel
Marta Argelagós
Yordanka Dimitrova
Rafael Sánchez
Vicente Vazquez
David Cabrera
Sergio Mayenco
Juan Blas Barbed
Rosa Mongue
Xavier Verdaguer
Eliane Guiu
Sonia Ghani
Javier Ideami
250 little dogs &
their owners

Victor Fortunado
Xavier Verdaguer
Javier Ideami


Javier Ideami

Post of Sound and Mixes
Ideami Studios

Color Correction
Ideami Studios