Date: July 2011 – Ongoing

Posterini is an interactive online app that allows you create professional top quality posters by combining
 * Design templates
* 100% customization controls
* Instagram-like filters
* Real time integration montages of your poster with real locations like a cinema or a real magazine.

Posterini brings it all together in a very easy and fast way. Today Posterini has thousands of users from more than 120 different countries around the world.

On top of that it doesn’t require any registration. You may use it
straight away or if you like to share your posters with your facebook friends
you may login through facebook to use it there.

The message of posterini is simple. Nothing beats the power of image and word together. Posterini allows people to announce their news, thoughts, events or themselves with visual creativity, movie posters, magazine covers and other fun variations. People can even showcase their creations in a tropical paradise, a cinema, a shopping mall and other fun and unique locations to evaluate how their message feels in different contexts.

What makes Posterini unique is that you can create a great result in seconds by using the templates provided or you can use the customizing areas to fully personalize the entire product.

The Posterini Wall
In a similar way to Pinterest, Posterini has a Wall where the best Posterinis
are displayed. The Posterini wall is seen by thousands every day. Posterini editors
select regularly the best posterinis for the wall.
In the future there will be a new premium service for users to appear at the front of the wall.

Use Cases
Some examples of typical uses of Posterini:
* Professionals create posters to announce a project, a decision, an event, an award, to congratulate an employee, to brainstorm ideas etc
* Artists create movie posters, magazine covers, advertisements, marketing materials, etc
* Families use Posterini as a gift for a birthday, wedding, kid’s party and similars
* Posterinis are also ideal to celebrate any event, award, experience
* Often users create posterini’s to remember their holidays and communicate their travel experiences in a richer and better way
* People also use posterini’s to celebrate their love and friendships
* And people also use posterini’s to celebrate themselves, their new dress, shoes
* People may also use posterini to communicate thoughts, reflect about life and the current world news
Posterini is perfect for professionals at work and also as a gift for families, kids and friends
* Tell your loved one what they mean with a Poster
* Gather participants for your events motivating them with a Poster
* Experiment ideas for your next film through Poster Design
* Become the star of your own magazine with a few clicks!
* Unite image and words to create powerful memories of your holidays and experiences
* Let the world know what you think in the most effective way which words or images alone can’t reach
* Brainstorm ideas in groups through Poster experimentation
* And so much more.. If images and words are so powerful, where can’t they reach together? 🙂

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