An Unexpected Visitor

Synopsis: A stamp collector, eagerly awaiting the return of his lovely young wife, receives an unexpected visit…

Full Story: Mr. Vesubio enjoys a tranquil afternoon at home while his beautiful wife La Bella is out for the day. While he is enjoying his favourite book of stamps, the bell rings unexpectedly! Who could it be?

Mr. Vesubio checks to make sure that his money is safe and sound hidden behind the painting in the living room and rushes to the door. The unexpected visitor turns out to be a cleaning lady sent by his wife. He complains that the house doesn’t need a cleaner, but the unexpected visitor manages to convince him otherwise.

Mr. Vesubio gives instructions to the cleaner and she starts cleaning the house. Soon we realize that the cleaner is trying to find out where the money is hidden in the house. She quickly realizes that the painting may be the place where it is hidden. As she gets nervous, she hits Mr. Vesubio by mistake and he shouts at her and decides to fire her. As he leaves the room for a moment, Il bubolino (the cleaner) approaches the painting and finds the money behind.

In that moment, Mr. Vesubio returns and catches Il Bubolino stealing the money. He points a gun at Il bubolino, but as he approaches him, Il bubolino steals the gun quickly. The bell rings again and they both look towards the door. Who is it? Mr. Vesubio’s wife enters the house and greets them. Mr Vesubio tries to explain that the lady is her cleaner but La bella laughs at him revealing that the cleaner is in reality a Man!. Mr. Vesubio cannot believe it and to demonstrate it La Bella explodes the fake breasts of the cleaner.

In that moment, Il bubolino, now revealed as the lover of La bella, shows the envelope with the money to La Bella and passionately kisses her. Mr. Vesubio gets mad with fury and attacks Il bubolino. They both fight until a gunshot is heard and Mr Vesubio falls to the floor. Il bubolino and La Bella escape running while Mr. Vesubio moans in pain. Suddenly though, he has an idea……


Javier Ideami & Pablo Gonzalez

Executive Production
Ideami Studios

Original Script
Javier Ideami & Pablo Gonzalez


Signore Vesubio: Pablo Gonzalez
Il bubolino: Javier Ideami
La Bella: Maria Fidalgo

Music Composed by
Recording & Performance
by The Beau Hunks Orchestra
(recordings on Basta)

Change My Clothes
Written by Marvin Hatley
Published by Robert Kingston (Music) Ltd

Grab the Deed
Written by Marvin Hatley
Published by Robert Kingston (Music) Ltd

Window Shade
Written by Marvin Hatley
Published by Robert Kingston (Music) Ltd

Stage Coach Conversation
Written by Marvin Hatley
Published by Robert Kingston (Music) Ltd

Juanjo Bors


Javier Ideami

Post of Sound and Mixes
Ideami Studios

Color Correction
Ideami Studios