Ideami & Silicon Valley

Javier Ideami studied in Spain and England before moving to Silicon Valley. He opened Ideami Studios to provide creative and innovation consulting to the booming dotcom world of Silicon Valley.

He cofounded several Silicon Valley startups, including:

Ewidi (2005), a pioneering social-networking website
Flaii (2007), a pioneering multimedia user interface
Posterini (2011),  a cloud-based platform for online real-time digital production of custom posters
Spirit (2013), an educational network for entrepreneurs
Pictoshirt (2017), an augmented clothing production venture that combines gamification, augmented reality, educational experiences and clothing.
T4I (2018), A cloud based innovation management platform that accelerates ideation and innovation processes and provides KPIs and metrics to measure and track performance.

In parallel, Javier founded Torch, an innovation ecosystem that accelerates innovation by combining pioneering methodology, technology and physical space. He has lectured about innovation and creativity in four continents, especially to high-tech startup founders. Notably, in 2014 he was invited to speak about “strategic thinking for complex organizations” at the Berlin Economic Forum in Germany.

As a multidisciplinary expert, Javier has received numerous awards across a variety of areas. He acts as a scientific advisor to different groups in the fields of strategic thinking, innovation processes optimization, augmented reality interfaces and technology park development among others.

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