Volandino and the giant 3D box on the sand at Ocean Beach, San Francisco with the Imagine Dreamers

3D fun on the beach! I landed in Ocean’s beach in San Francisco to meet my friends of Imagine Creativity Center, Xavi, Rosa, Philippe, Josep and all the Imagine Dreamers. It was time for a new challenge! Building a 3D Box on the sand, a giant 3D Box!
After hours of work we reached our objective. Everybody climbed up to look at the result, wow, what a view from the cliffs above. I was so excited that i came down and started dancing around our beautiful giant 3D box, celebrating creativity, celebrating team work, the bringing together of so many individual efforts, step by step to produce something much larger than us, a result that can only be fully understood and appreciated when it is fully finished, when you contemplate it from the distance and the perspective it deserves.

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