The Alien Pumpkins Exclusive Interview by Volandino | Get ready for Halloween 2013

Today i want to introduce you to some really good friends of mine! They are cool, they are alien, they are dancers and they are The Pumpkins!
Oh yes, 4 amazing Pumpkin Alien Dancers from the Pumpkin Planet. I met them for the first time a few years back when i was collecting ingredients for a space kitchen party. I was in need of some good pumpkins and my friend Bumbuso recommended me to go visit the Pumpkin planet. Oh, what a fantastic array of beautiful pumpkins i found there! Of all shades of colors and textures. There i met my good friends, Messy, Master, Diva and Trouble Maker Pumpkin (This last one really got me into a couple of troubles let me tell you).

Well, do you want to meet them? I have prepared a little video for you!

The Alien Pumpkins Exclusive Interview by the Volandino News Channel

And Get ready for this Halloween 2013 with the Pumpkin Aliens!
Messy Pumpkin: Messy! Chaotic, cheerful and dreamy
Master Pumpkin: Knowledgeable, intellectual, organized, great planner
Diva Pumpkin: Self Centered, Narcissistic, extrovert, great communicator
Trouble Maker Pumpkin: Unpredictable, dangerous, extrovert & generous

Pumpkin Alien Dancers
Pamela Broyles
Sarah Lopez
Rebecca Fazio
Lori Martinez

Production & Post
Ideami Studios |

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