What an adventure we had this week at the capsule! I was having a bit of an argument with Houston about where to go next when the alarms went off, Earth really needs help! So we changed all our plans and decided that our top priority as humans is to save our delicate and beautiful planet, our blue jewel, the most beautiful artwork we know of, wonderful earth.

Volandino argues with Houston Control Center about where to go next. Houston wants him to go to Mars but Volandino prefers to go somewhere more exciting. Suddenly an alarm rings . In panic Volandino checks the screens. The spacecraft detects high levels of poverty, disease and hunger on earth. Both Houston and Volandino find this unacceptable and decide to unite their forces, working together as One, in order to make Earth the most beautiful destination in the universe, free from poverty, disease and hunger.

Video Production by Ideami Studios
Narration by Steve McDaniel
3D capsule by Erik Kloosterboer

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