Make fun posters online with posterini for freeNothing beats the power of image and word together. Announce your news, thoughts, events or yourself with movie posters, magazine covers and other fun variations.
If an image is worth a thousand words, how much is a Poster worth?
Image and word together take you to the next level

* Tell your loved one what they mean with a Poster
* Gather participants for your events motivating them with a Poster
* Experiment ideas for your next film through Poster Design
* Become the star of your own magazine with a few clicks!
* Unite image and words to create powerful memories of your holidays and experiences
* Let the world know what you think in the most effective way which words or images alone can’t reach
* Brainstorm ideas in groups through Poster experimentation
* And so much more.. If images and words are so powerful, where can’t they reach together? 🙂

So Imagine your favourite photos transformed into a beautiful poster, and imagine it integrated with locations like a cinema, art gallery, beach, forest and many others.
brings you a unique fully interactive interface, easy and fast to communicate your messages in the most unique and fun way

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