Everything is going Green! Since i realized that St.Patrick´s day is approaching in ireland, everything i see turns green! Green is the color of nature, of balance as well, in the middle between the red and blue parts of the light´s spectrum. Green are the infinite fields of lovely ireland and many other beautiful countries. From Space, i feel nostalgic sometimes, contemplating the undulating waves of green painting the canvas of our planet with delicious tones, millions of shades and variations centered around that word that defines Ireland, Green.

Go Green for St Patrick’s day! This year everybody goes green, even in galactic space! Volandino, the looney artistic astronaut is also going green and after an initial big surprise, Houston control center joins also the green movement enthusiastically; This year, wherever you are, earth or space, Go Green for St Patrick’s Day!

Saint Patrick’s is a famous holiday celebrated on 17 March. It is named after Saint Patrick, which is the most commonly recognised of the saints of Ireland.
The holiday generally involves parades and fun festivals, plus wearing of green all around!
Saint Patrick’s Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and it is also celebrated by the Irish diaspora around the planet

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