Springkite Innovation Program Update

The Springkite Innovation, ideation & Creativity program gets a new update with the latest version of the brainstorming SK-Engine Tool.
Springkite brings it all together, multiple modules and a complete way to generate solutions to specific challenges, involving every part of your self.

  • Work on job related challenges or brand new ones
  • Generate specific results, insights and solutions
  • Balance analytical & Creative thinking
  • Combine traditional tools with advanced technology only available on Springkite, including the online SK Engine and its advanced database system, providing automatic and manual brainstorming modes
  • Awaken, reinforce and empower your creative thinking, collaboration, communication, observation, lateral thinking, improvisation, spontaneity and other essential skills for your business, including those indentified as the most critical for a company’s success by the latest IBM world CEO study
  • Expand brainstorming to involve sound, light and more!
  • Involve all your potential to tackle the complexity of today’s challenges
  • Get feedback on your work from peers and organizers
  • Pitch your project and insights, and act on the feedback received.