I had a great time on sunday sailing on the lady washington, the ship they used in the Pirates of the Caribbean Johnny Depp movie; The ship is owned by a non profit organization that dedicates it to educational programms, and people can enrol as volunteers to sail the oceans in this amazing ship 🙂 in the video you see two ships, the far away one is a smaller one seen from the biggest one that is where i am with the camera :)they have a great 2 week volunteering program, where you can volunteer and sail the oceans with them for 2 weeks, they give you a place to sleep and food, really great 🙂

The video is made from the lady washington ship that is the tallest one, and then there was another smaller ship going with us, which is the Hawaiian Chieftain, which is the one we see far away smaller at some points in the video, the Hawaiian had a very interesting red sail mixed with the other ones, unlike the Lady Washington ship
A beautiful experience, really well organized, full of joy and hospitality