Performing Live in San Francisco

This week i directed and performed “A box is more than just a box”, a performance for the final event of Imagine Creativity Center. It took place at the wonderful children’s creativity museum theater in San Francisco. It was a total joy performing and working with Imagine. The Performance was possible thanks to the great illustrations and art of Wall & Wall, the dancing of Mireia and Sonia, and all the help and support of the Imagine staff and dreamers.

“A box is more than just a box” is a metaphor about innovation and Creativity. Below the video you can read the concept in more detail.


Each one of the boxes on stage represents a concept connected with innovation

The box that holds infinite ideas is our mind, a constant generator of solutions

The musical box represents the dynamic nature of creativity, always in movement, always in flow.

The running box represents the spontaneous and flexible aspect of innovation. Challenges and solutions constantly move to new places. We need to keep moving with them.

The balloon out of the box represents the value of “thinking out of the box”, looking for perspectives and angles that differ from the typical ones.

The box with many sides represents the different faces a challenge can have, as well as the versatile nature of innovators, able to apply different skills and strategies as needed.

The multidimensional box represents the different abstraction levels we can apply to a challenge, the whole and the details, and the importance of being able to switch easily between them.

The reconfiguration of the boxes into the bridge represents the essence of creativity, rearranging what we know in order to find what we don’t know. It also represents the power of imagination and creative thinking, able to take leaps that take us to unexpected and unique insights.

The storm represents the challenges innovators face but also the value of disruption as a necessary event in the creative process.

The final part represents the acceptance of disruption, failure and difficulties as a natural and necessary process in life, one that often becomes a door to something better. It also helps the character realize the importance of team work and relationships, of working with others in order to become more resilient in the face of adversity.
The character meets the dreamers of Imagine. Together they will rebuild his dream and create many more.