Be One, a YouTube Viral Hit Song by Volandino and the Pumpkins

Volandino, the comical astronaut character by ideami is shaking Youtube again with “Be One” a new rap song about life where Volandino joins the 4 Pumpkin aliens from the pumpkin planet.
Previously Volandino has won many awards for his videos, including the grand Freixenet advertising campaign video award as well as the mention award at the Superbowl PizzaHut Video Contest.

In this new video Volandino and the 4 Pumpkin alien dancers go on a Galaxy tour, until they arrive to Earth which is in such a turmoil. What can they do? What about singing their way through the situation? And the Rap Song begins.

In the song Volandino contemplates earth from his capsule, and sees all the suffering and pain permeating the planet. From space he cannot see separations neither countries nor divisions, from space earth is just one unity, one beautiful blue dot. That’s why the song is called “Be One”.
And so Volandino lands on earth where he gathers with his 4 friends, the pumpkin aliens, and together they sing some suggestions for the earthlings.

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They recommend us to be one with reality, to not overanalyze things so much and be present at every moment.
Also to listen and try to understand others, because it can be too late to fix things if we react with anger and violence before we take the time to listen and understand.
Then they encourage us to share goodness. We all have goodness in us and everybody benefits if we share goodness because everybody has the right to enjoy the good things in life.
They also sing about balance, the balance that keeps our planet healthy and also the balance in the little details, like finding a reason to give for each thing we receive.
And finally, love, which they describe as the engine of good things. An engine we need to share because everybody around us needs a bit of it.

In summary, deep engagement with reality, deep listening and understanding, sharing with those around us, smiling our way to balance, and loving, with no expectations.

Finally, the song reminds us that we are just little dots in a vast space, and that each one of these dots is beautiful in its own right

Leading voices in the song are provided by Javier ideami aka Volandino and Sophia D.Clark. On the Pumpkin dancers side we have Pamela Broyles, Sarah Lopez, Rebecca Fazio and Lori Martinez. Production and Post is provided by ideami studios (

These are the lyrics:

Be One
By Volandino and the Pumpkin Alien Dancers

One morning early, looking for an answer
to the suffering and pain of people all over,
i came far away, in my capsule to space,
to watch and understand what on earth is going on

and i saw no separations, no countries, no divisions
only green and blue and yellow, and ocasionally, a rainbow
so listen this perspective, brought to you by volandino
on a mission to discover, the secrets of the planet

Look deeply
stop analysing,
absorb the beauty
be one, with reality

Don’t shout before you listen
everybody’s got opinions,
yesterday is not today, realize…
before it’s too late

Share the goodness of your heart
don’t keep it in a dark tunnel
the sun does not choose,
everybody’s got the right to enjoy the beauty

Smile, laugh
help balance the planet
find a reason to give
for each thing you receive

And love, because love
is the engine of good things,
everybody needs a bit
so go share it, wherever you may be

So look after the planet,
listen to all perspectives,
share with the stranger,
smile to the neighbor
and love, with no expectations

little dots in space we are
beautiful dots, beautiful, all
good day friend
all the way, from space

Javier ideami, Sophia D.Clark & J.P

Lyrics by Javier ideami
Narration by Steve McDaniel

Pumpkin Alien Dancers
Pamela Broyles
Sarah Lopez
Rebecca Fazio
Lori Martinez

Production & Post
Ideami Studios |

Sonia Ghani & Aaron Amengual