TechPluto, a great Technology site that showcases web startups by performing their analysis and writing detailed in-depth reviews has published an article about Posterini.
The article showcases many of the advantages and features of Posterini including its speed and its unique combination of templates, effects, real time montage and promotion in the Posterini Wall.
The review also emphasizes its freemium model that allows you to generate the basic results for free or pay a small amount to obtain the very large and top quality version of the results and even to enhance its promotion by linking your poster online to your webpage. New premium services of Posterini also allow you to appear at the very front of the website and wall for a guaranteed period of time. We are grateful to TechPluto for their great review that you can find on: .
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Thank you TechPluto and at Posterini we continue working towards its next version where we will add new and exciting features as well as keep improving the current ones.

Happy Posterinis!