Volandino & The Imagine Dreamers in The Salvador Dali Home, Port Lligat, Cadaqués

It’s official! I love Cadaques, I love Port Lligat, I love Dali and i love Costa Brava and Barcelona. Beautiful amazing landscapes, tapestry of inspiring colors that awaken your senses. A festival of lively sounds and reflections of dreams that climb your soul and take it high above and beyond.

What an exciting week! Volandino is visiting these days the house where the great artist and paintor Salvador Dali lived.
In the beautiful Costa Brava in Spain, in Cataluña, there is a beautiful, beautiful town called Cadaques, and nearby you find Port Lligat.
There stands an amazing house where Dali lived, reflected, designed, created.

Dalí was an amazing craftsman, well known for the incredible and bizarre images in his so well known surrealist creations. His painterly skills are of the highest level. Dalí’s exquisite artistic repertoire include sculptures, photography and films, collaborating with many artists in many media.

Volandino and the dreamers connect with nature, with art and with life in the incredible landscapes of Cadaqués and Costa Brava.

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