Volandino lands in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

For a few hours the Volandino Creative Joy Experience takes over San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, as Volandino sings “Cielito Lindo” with the Mariachis, is invited to join a wedding celebration, replaces the cashier at a typical Oxxo market, becomes the galactic tourist guide at the city tourist tram tour and lives other creative adventures.
Volandino is the imperfect astronaut, reminding us that we all are as brave as astronauts in many things but we also have our weaknesses and that’s all right because when we follow our hearts, our imperfections make us perfect just as we are.
The Volandino experience is also a way to remind people about the importance of balancing analytical thinking with creative thinking, the importance of challenging our typical mental habits (and repetitive/conventional daily routines) and expose ourselves to that which is different and surprising in order to keep us fit mentally and encourage the opening of new mental patterns and routes in our minds. Balance between analysis/logic and creativity brings us closer towards a more balanced, fresh and dynamic mind, and a more innovative, exciting, heartful and joyful existence.
Volandino’s adventures have won awards such as the Freixenet Advertising Video Award or the SuperBowl PizzaHut Mention Award.