Lost in the Sand Team Building Event in San Francisco by Ideami

Ideami organized another Lost in the Sand Team Dynamics event this july in San Francisco. In other editions participants created amazing portraits and 3D figures. This time the objective was to create a rocket that could take participants to a virtual moon before the tides of the ocean washed it all away.

Under the pressure of time and the imperfect and incomplete instructions that they were given, participants had to face their initial confusion and panic, and organize themselves, learning to distribute tasks, lead and follow when necessary as well as manage their time balancing analytical and creative thinking.

As the event progressed, participants became more and more immersed in the challenge, creating the shadows and highlights that eventually produced the result they could only fully grasp when they climbed the hill to contemplate the rocket from that unique perspective that time and distance provides. Another wonderful experience in this metaphor of life that the team building even “Lost in the Sand” provides.