The Bellagio: Fabergé Revealed

Being one of the most famous complexes on the Las Vegas strip, The Bellagio is home to an excellent casino, an array fine restaurants and some great nightlife activities. But the hotel is also renowned for hosting specialist exhibitions and shows, with further entertainment than gambling being pushed all over Vegas in order to make up for gains lost in the gambling arena thanks to places like Macau and iphone casino sites. One place the Bellagio is famed for is the Fine Gallery of Art. Opening on the 14th November, the Bellagio welcomes Fabergé Revealed, bringing with it examples of the finest Russian craftsmanship ever created.
Organised by the Virginia Museum of Fine Art, The Fabergé Revealed exhibit will offer visitors the opportunity of a lifetime to get a close up view of over 200 dazzling pieces of work, ranging from the likes of jewel encrusted boxes, elegant pictures frames and decorative brooches. Fabergé was renowned for his work with the Russian Tsars Nicholas II and his father, Alexander III and was popular for his jewelled craftsmanship, refined luxury and the doomed days of Russia’s imperial family. The tour will showcases over 200 pieces of his work, including 4 of his famed Imperial Easter Eggs.
As well as the fantastic Fabergé exhibition, the Bellagio will also be hosting Art and Wine Event evenings throughout the entire of 2014. These weekly nights allow visitor to try out some of the finest wines the Bellagio has to offer, as well as taking in some extraordinary pieces of artwork. The tour is run by Jason Smith, Director of Wine and Master Sommelier and Gallery of Fine Art (BGFA) Director Tarissa Tiberti, who are both recognised professionals in the fields of wine and art, making the exhibit the perfect way spend a peaceful and relaxing evening.
The Bellagio always has a variety of different events happening all year round, but it is also a great place to kick back and have some fun on the slot machines and roulette wheel. So if you are going to be in Las Vegas, make sure you check out what Bellagio has to offer in its Fine Gallery of Art and its casino.