These days i am preparing the new edition of a very exciting travel photo workshop.
If there is one type of photography that we all share and practice is travel photography. Be it on our holidays or business trips, today more than ever we have infinite chances to take good
photography when we are on the move.

Even mobile phones are incorporating more and more advanced manual controls that are bringing them into the set of tools we can use to perform photo shoots that approach professional setups.
On this workshop we are focusing on a few topics that many travellers wish to try or practice at different times. Our objective is to go deep into them to explain the techniques that we can use to unlock their secrets and mysteries.

Travel Photo Workshop Volcanoe Photo









Some of them are

Photography of Star Trails
Many people have enjoyed beautiful photography of star trails, now its the time to unlock the techniques to get there. What controls and techniques are best to capture beautiful star trails? What are the different possibilities?
How should we plan such a project? Learn all about the on-camera and off-camera setup you need.

Photography at Volcanoes
Above we can see a photo taken at the amazing Stromboli volcano near Sicily, Italy (Stromboli vulcano in italian).  What a fantastic place to do photography in front of a live eruption. Volcanoes are a beautiful challenge to tackle. Surrounded by darkness at night, they emit intense light that can saturate the sensors of the camera easily. Learn what are the best strategies to tackle this challenge.

The moon!
All the way to the moon yes, the subject of so much poetry and beautiful stories. The moon reflects the light of the sun and unlike what many think, its intensity is pretty low. Not only that but it is also moving continuously! Learn to tackle this beautiful fleeting and moving subject.

Taking photos of people on challenging situations
While travelling we find people that are running, in movement, under low light, in high contrast midday situations; What techniques and controls are the optimum ones to tackle these situations? we will explore them together.
In addition to this we will talk about other important considerations and strategies that we can apply while we are on the move.
Learning about these topics is not only important because it allows you to take photos of stars or volcanoes, the deeper benefit is that understanding the techniques to take photography in extreme conditions will help you in general to take better photos at all times! This was one of the favourite strategies of Leonardo Da Vinci, to study a topic under extreme conditions in order to fully and totally understand it.

Join us and take your photography to the next level!
You can find more informationa and book on this link:

The travel photo workshop by ideami studios

Above we can see 3 photos including one taken at the island of Formentera in Spain, near the Barbaria cave, and another showing the curvature of the earth, taken from a plane over the alps on the way to Croatia.