2033, A Van’s Odyssey, Una Odisea en la Furgoneta | Never Stop Dreaming!

Today i found something totally unexpected my friends! Well let me tell you that the entire day has been really extraordinary and unexpected in every way. And all thanks to a funny outdated GPS device! Because we were supposed to take a wormhole shortcut to Titan but hey we made a little mistake and we ended up in Barcelona instead!
What happened next is hard to describe, find it on the video below.

2033. Huge Economy Crisis.
MASA (Massive Agency of Solitary Astronauts) sends a yellow Van with an outdated GPS to find help.
In the Horsehead Nebula they try to take a wormhole shortcut to land in Saturn’s moon Titan, but the Van falls in the wrong wormhole and lands on a beach in Barcelona.
Professional astronaut Volandino Gonzalez will struggle against his own spacesuit unaware of the incredible event that is about to happen..

A production by
Ideami Creative Studios | http://ideami.com
Imagine Creativity Center | http://imagine.cc
Joan Lesan | http://joanlesan.com

Direction, Performance, Editing & Post by Javier Ideami
Aerial Takes by Joan Lesan
Imagineta & 2nd Cam Unit by Imagine

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