Volandino wins Award at the Super bowl Pizza Hut video contest, the fastest space pizza delivery!

A pizza from Space keeps the hunger away! Volandino delivers in record time!
It´s official, I can deliver Pizza from Space and pretty fast! I´m so glad Pizza Hut recognized me with an award as part of their Super Bowl video contest. It wasn´t easy! I had to spot these players playing american football on earth and when one of them got really really hungry, i had to come down from the capsule in just around 15 seconds to deliver a pizza to the team! They were so so ecstatic and happy when i arrived! Before eating the pizza i had to joke a little bit because i had never played american football and i really wanted to try, so we played a few runs using the pizza instead of a ball! That was fun! I have to say after so much running the pizza tasted so delicious! I had to call my Pumpkin Alien friends to come bring us another 17 extra ones!

Volandino, the character created and performed by Javier ideami wins another award, this time one of the honorable mention awards at the Superbowl PizzaHut Video competition.
The challenge for Volandino this time was to create a 15 second video advert that involved american football and pizza hut. In order to tackle this challenge Volandino worked with the great american football team GIJON MARINERS, based in Gijon, Asturias. Spain. It was wonderful working with the Gijon Mariners directed by Daniel Castañon.

An american football team is playing at a field when hunger strikes hard. Something needs to be done. Frustrated, their leader kicks the ball far and high, so strongly that it reaches space! Where Volandino, the imperfect astronaut soon realizes the urgency of the situation and promptly flies down to deliver a lovely pizza to these brave sportsmen, A pizza from Space keeps the hunger away!

The team that participated in the video included:
Adrian Picón, Alvaro Palacio, Enrique Prado, Gonzalo Suarez, Jonatan Oliva, Jonathan Benito, Jonathan Sanchez, Luis Eduardo Hevia, Marcos Martinez, Newfel Benchikh, Pablo Caso, Pedro Lopez, Raul García, Raul Saavedra, Sergio Gutierrez and Javier Ideami

Congratulations to the Gijon Mariners and to Volandino! And you may visit the home page of the Gijon Mariners here: http://www.gijonmariners.net/

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