Volandino, the looney astronaut is the final winner of the Freixenet Video Competition. Famous spanish director Bigas Luna together with a team of judges chose the winner from more than 2000 video productions.

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During the awards Gala Bigas Luna explained that he and the team of judges chose Volandino because it really unites great technical abilities, skills and expertise, great conceptual and storytelling work and on top of it, the film makes people laugh which really is so important in the times we live.

These are some of the words of Volandino’s creator, ideami, after receiving the news:
” Volandino is an imperfect astronaut, like life itself; And as many times happens, when he arrives very high Volandino realizes that what matters the most in life is not the success that today is here and tomorrow is gone, but what was there all along from the beginning, the family, the friends, those with whom we share our most special moments, those from whose love we are made, for all of them i decided to make this toast, thank you very much for stimulating our creativity through this wonderful competition”

In the video Volandino is brought to space to do the record jump. However just when he is about to jump fear strikes and Volandino decides that it’s the moment to make a toast for earth. Houston Control Center gets really upset and nervous but Volandino explains that he realizes that the record is really not that important because the most important things in life are our friends and loved ones that are down there, that we don’t really need to go so far to find what really matters in life. It is actually so close to us all the time! Houston control center is so enraged and shouts at Volandino. Volandino by mistake slips and falls from the capsule in front of the puzzled world audiences. Finally we discover what had been going on all the time behind the scenes.

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