Volandino Gonzalez is a looney comical character created and performed by Javier Ideami. Volandino is the most imperfect and fearful astronaut in the entire universe. Looney, warm and sensitive, artist, engineer and musician, Volandino explores the fascinating mysteries of the universe, from music to physics, from acting to sports and much more. The universe is a giant playground for this most looney of an astronaut!

Awards received by Volandino include:
2013 – Award at the Superbowl Pizza Hut USA Video Contest
2012 – Freixenet Video Award

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Subscribe to me on YouTube
Volandino character created and performed by Javier ideami
Houston Control Center voice by Steve McDaniel
Space Capsule model by Erik Kloosterboer
Production & Post by Ideami Creative Studios


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