Hi friends! Today i enjoyed losing myself in some piano improvisation, i love closing my eyes and navigating the keys of the piano as if i was flying through space, letting myself go, allowing the winds of creativity and the subconscious to softly pull me left and right, forwards and backwards, and gently let my body sync and move to the rhythm that these mysteries set.

Volandino loves music and loves improvising at the piano. This morning Volandino landed softly back in the north of Spain, where he headed to the house of his parents.
There he found his beloved piano, waiting for him. Volandino loves to get lost in the keys of the piano, just as he gets lost among the millions of starts in our galaxy.
Flying across the harmonies and the scales of an improvisation is like exploring the corners of our solar system, a new surprise awaits at each corner.

Fly with Volandino in this video.

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