Volandino and the Reiki Master in action at the center of Barcelona

You won´t believe who i found today in Barcelona! A Reiki Master! We stormed a beautiful Cafe in the center of Barcelona where we made many friends and met this pleasant Reiki Master who did some experiments on me. Apparently i do have some of that Forze! She told me that she could strongly feel this force in me, in fact i felt like i was about to levitate so i held onto my chair!

Volandino arrives to Barcelona! Volandino appeared suddenly at a Cafe near Plaza Cataluña and Las Ramblas in Barcelona, after landing his capsule nearby.
For an hour, Volandino chatted with the locals, met some catalan entrepreneurs and even found a Reiki Master who did some experiments on him! Apparently Volandino
did feel the Force! Take a look below.

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