Winter in beautiful New Zealand

I had an amazing time in New Zealand so i want to share tips and info! 🙂
You can watch lots of what i will write in the video i made of the trip here:

and here go some tips

1 – Visit Wanaka, incredible beauty, awesome for hiking, get to the top of Roy’s peak, the views are stunning. You will hear lots about Queenstown but many people don’t hear anything about Wanaka so thats why i highlight it here, fantastic place for lovers of nature

2 – If you have to choose between the two fjords, Milford sound and Doutful sound, they are both awesome, but in my opinion the Doubtful sound experience is richer because you experience many different things, the trip under the mountain, the power station and tunnel, the bus drive around the amazing vegetation and the long trip in the ship. Milford sound is of course amazing as well but smaller in variety. If i had to choose i would go to Doubtful sound, but they are both amazing for sure! If you book in advance they have special rates at the I-sites.

3 – For those who are wondering if winter is a good time to go, we went on winter, specifically August 3 till August 23, and it was great, we only had rain maybe 3 or 4 days but for a short time and didnt spoil any experience. Also it wasnt very cold, only 3 or 4 days we felt really cold, specially at the top of the peaks! really it was good, maybe July is colder, but august was ok in my opinion, although i guess there are colder and less cold augusts so it depends

4 – Puzzling world is fun, yes, its true what they say, its really fun,  go see it

5 – if you want to do the entire south island, we drove it all around in 2 weeks and a half, so a 3 week trip is probably enough to do the south island and enjoy it fully, although we moved quite fast, you may need a month if you want to do things slowly

6 – for all lovers of photography and filmmaking new zealand is a paradise as you already know, at the beginning of my video i put some of the landscapes i took:

7 – for wildlife lovers, the seals in Kaikoura and the yellow and blue eyed penguins in Oamaru will be very very interesting and fun!

8 – Mount Cook national park is amazing, if you have time, dont just look at it from lake tekapo but drive there, the area is amazing and if you can , just before you arrive drive to the right to Tasman Valley, what an amazing scenario , what an extraordinary place

9 – The half day glacier tour in Franz Joseph is a great and fun experience, we didnt do an helicopter ride, i wonder how those will be

10 – For accomodation the I-Sites can be a great help, they not only give you information but they also book the accomodation for you over the phone and they say they dont charge anything extra for doing it so its a great help

11 – most important tip, relax, enjoy, smile because you are in one the most beautiful places on earth full of peace, serenity and beauty

have a wonderful day and greetings to all the friends in New Zealand, what an amazing and beautiful country