Blending Tech, Media & Art to solve your challenges

If you need an innovative & creative solution, we combine technology and different creative disciplines to produce innovative solutions for every kind of challenge. Some examples of Ideami’s services:

  • Creative consulting services & workshops through our Torch ecosystem. Torch is a unique innovation methodology that combines the best of the leading innovation systems. On top, it adds a revolutionary ideation platform: T4I , the best brainstorming app and platform.
  • Need creative media & art? We offer unique creative portrait photography, Travel Photography and fine art digital media.
  • If you need a video, Ideami is a unique explainer video production company.
  • Furthermore, if you need to empower your team, we deliver great creativity training. 
  • Explore artificial intelligence and deep learning visualization research by Ideami at
  • In addition, if you are looking for an incredible event, the creative masters workshop is a unique in the world experience. 
  • Another of our technology solutions is Posterini, an online platform and poster maker that accelerates the creation of visual marketing assets.
  • Need to entertain or surprise a crowd or your friends? Check our augmented reality, interactive and gamified clothing line at Pictoshirt.
  • Do you need to setup an inspiring talk? Ideami is ready to deliver unique talks and presentations.

And that’s only the beginning. Contact Ideami on, and let’s do something great together.