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Ideami Conference/Workshop in Mexico

Posted on Dec 5 by

This month Ideami gave a Conference / Workshop to a group of teachers/professors of the university of Guanajuato in Mexico. The Conference was a mixture of concepts, videos and...


Ideami Speech at Berlin´s Conference

Posted on Nov 27 by

Javier Ideami was one of the speakers invited to give a speech during the International Cultural Diplomacy Conference in Berlin “World without Walls” and the Berlin...


Springkite session in San Francisco by Ideami

Posted on Aug 5 by

Another edition of the creativity and innovation Springkite workshop took place in San Francisco in July. Javier ideami took the dreamers of Imagine Creativity Center on a wild...


Creative Consulting by Ideami

Posted on Aug 2 by

Success in today’s business world requires more than a great team and a good idea. The complexity of today’s environments and the competition that constantly surrounds...


New Templates at

Posted on Aug 1 by, the visual assets marketing platform by ideami launches new templates to accelerate your marketing activities. At Posterini users can quickly design professional...


Volandino at the San Francisco Marathon

Posted on Jul 27 by

Fun day for Volandino the Astronaut (aka Javier ideami) running the 5K race part of the San Francisco Marathon day on a lovely morning in the beautiful embarcadero area and...


Operation Free Your Mind

Posted on Jul 20 by

Operation Free your Mind by Javier ideami is a mixture of a book and a set of technology tools, whose aim is to help people balance their analytic and creative thinking and...